Financial Education

The Department of Economics at the University of Haifa has been conducting the Financial Education Project since 2011, in cooperation with Halev – an NGO for poverty relief. The goal of this project is to provide tools for responsible financial behavior at the individual and family levels in high school from less affluent neighborhoods in the Haifa region. 3rd-year students from the Econ Department, with keen social awareness, good academic standing and exceptional oratory skills, are selected for this project, and go through special training for this purpose by Department faculty members.

Students in the project deliver about ten 2-hours long lectures in one of the participating schools, (including some Arabic speaking schools). Topics covered include: smart consumers, budgeting, saving, investment, banking, labor markets, youth labor regulations and rights, etc. Responses received from participating schools and students are extremely positive. In recent years the project has benefitted from financial support from Bank Leumi. 

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