In the Media

  1. Sever Plotzker hears from Prof. Arie Melnik why the 2008 Great Recession had not hit Israel (In Hebrew).
  2. On the reform in Introductory Economics courses conducted at the Department of Economics at the University of Haifa, you can read Sever Plotzker's article (full article) and listen to Galatz's Broadcast (video)
  3. A Vox article about a study written by Dr. Moti Michaeli (joint with Prof. Marco Casari, Prof. Andrea Ichino, Prof. Maria de Paola and Dr. Ginevra Marandola and Prof. Vincenzo Scoppa) on the Drain of Civicness.(full article)
  4. A Vox article about a study written by Dr. Assaf Sarid (joint with Prof. Oded Galor and Dr. Omer Ozak) on the geographical roots of the coevolution of linguistic and cultural traits. (full article)
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